Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sometimes I imagine what life would be like if I did everything with the mindset of "seize the day."
It's different than "live today like it's your last day" because if today truly was my last day and I was going to die tomorrow I would without a doubt end up doing many illegal things while making a fool out of myself.
I wouldn't want to spend every day like that, maxing out credit cards, kissing everyone I want to kiss. I would only end up alienating those around me.

But seizing the day is different, it's the light version of living like you're dying.
It falls under my life lists, or rather my life lists fall under it.
So in addition to the big (adopt a child) and not so big (take a roadtrip with friends) things, I'm also working on something that can be used almost any time.

★ Take a one day road trip
★ Go stargazing, bring music
★ Find a rooftop to climb onto
Make prank phone calls (immature? perhaps, but I rule at them so I can't
ignore my God-given talent)

...more to come. When I find more.

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