Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That time we learned from Grey's Anatomy.

I'm a huge advocate of learning from television and movies. Maybe it's because I was homeschooled or maybe it's because I've lived a pretty sheltered life. Either way, television is important and today is one of those days the divine wisdom of tv has blessed me...

Last night while watching "Grey's Anatomy" (for the second time, only this time on dvd of course) I realized the life lesson of the Lexie-George-Sloan situation. Here's a seemingly average girl, sure she's beautiful and has uncanny photographic memory talents but more or less she's not a huge character nor is she known especially for her beauty or personality. I've also never really ~related to her because as far as I'm concerned on Grey's, Meredith is my homegirl.
Now Lexie Grey has had her share of shoddy situations, her mom died recently, her dad is an alcoholic and her sister pretty much hates her. She actually "scores" one of the hotties at Seattle Grace, Alex Karev but it turns out he was using her. So she eventually moves on and develops a raging-I'm-in-love-with-you-but-you-don't-see-me-that-way crush on George O'Malley:
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Now I love George as much as the next person who doesn't hate him. He's adorable and hilarious and sweet and kind. But he doesn't exactly scream the hot one that every girl wants but can't have. No, to me he's the sweet friend and sure he got Izzy but it doesn't make total sense for him to NOT like Lexie:
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To most viewers Lexie might not be the hottest thing on Grey's but I think she's definitely above George, plus she's sweet as heck. So what is it? Wouldn't he be lucky to have Lexie? She helped him with his intern exam, became a rampant thief to decorate their apartment to make HIM happy and is pretty much his go-to adorable cheerleader all day every day. So why doesn't George like her like her? I don't know. These things don't always make sense, if I knew then I probably wouldn't be in the situation I'm in right now and I might not have even noticed this whole Lexie thing because I didn't the first time I saw these episodes.
Lexie finally realizes that George doesn't see her, again, why? Who knows. So now Lexie is moving on and trying to bounce back after more or less getting rejected by someone who we all know would be lucky to have her when SHABAM do you know what happens next?
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McSteamy happens. Arguably the sexiest man at Seattle Grace Hospital.
He's also a DOCTOR. And little old Lexie Grey, the intern who has/had a crush on a silly little boy like George attracts this man's attention?
Why yes, yes she does.

Now maybe they're not together currently, last I saw they broke up and now she's blonde but they were together a long time. She tamed the man-whore a la Katy Perry and actually moved in with him.
And then SHE broke up with him, not the other way around.

My point is, sometimes we fall for guys who really should like us but they don't. And that sucks and it's easy to think that there must be something wrong with us, that's normal. But look at Lexie, George didn't like her but guess who was right around the corner? A man, not a boy.
And you know what, maybe George just didn't see her that way and he couldn't help it but that still doesn't keep me from thinking he's an idiot. Or was.

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