Monday, February 22, 2010

That time my crush uncrushed.

Everyone has crushes (unless you're asexual), maybe some of you call them something more mature but I don't. Mainly because I can't think of a better term.
So anyways, I've had this crush, not for too long but it's been horrible - I've wanted it to go away for so many different reasons but unfortunately I couldn't just wish it away.
In a completely dramatic description: there are few things worse for a girl like me than having a crush who doesn't like you back, and who you know isn't good enough for you unless he makes some major changes. Aka grows the heck up.

But recently, life gave me a break. The crush did something so ridiculous my ~feelings~ for him rapidly diminished. Isn't that nice? I wish I could bestow this gift on every unrequited crush I ever have in the future and for everyone else who wishes their crush would cease to exist.
And it wasn't something rude or mean on his part, just....a bad judgment call, in my opinion. But I'm sure other people that.
I'm just not one of them, and thank the Lord I'm not. Because I would have missed out on a lot of shared laughter. Phew.

In closing, it's okay to have a crush on someone you know you shouldn't, maybe there just aren't better options. I completely understand that, all too well in fact. But even if you're feeling all sentimental that doesn't mean you have to act on it. You can remain aloof but be a puddle of melted chocolate on the inside that seeps out of your pores, invisibly of course, every time his arm brushes yours or he does something to make you think that maybe he does like you-like you.
But stand strong woman! Maybe he will do something that makes you laugh until you cry because of how utterly stupid it is (and not cute stupid more like "what is this I don't even!? lol irl omg") and voila, you are cured.
Or maybe someone better will walk into your life, someone that will ask you to hang out or want to read your favorite books just because they're your favorite.
Or maybe you can just buy another cat...

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Anonymous said...

i'm asexual and i still have crushes :(