Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That time Hoochie Coo was born.

Since this blog has undeclared purposes I am allowed to put whatever I want here. Well, I can do that regardless but it would be confusing, yes?
Right now I think of it as...a sarcastic take on my tiny and boring life. With advice?
And cool shiz.
I declare today "Music Video Day"

Starting with Tegan and Sara. I'm sorry to say I still don't have their new album, nor have I heard almost anything from it. What I have heard hasn't blown me away though, as in the one song I've heard doesn't look like it's going to warrant a request from Jack White to cover it a la "Walking with a Ghost." But one thing this video does have is cool scarf things on their head, but more importantly, kick-butt dance moves.
Next time I'm all up in the club I will be tryin' these out.
Except I don't go to clubs so what I really mean is the next time I decide to blare Britney Spears in my room, I will whip these out.

I'd never heard of Blakroc until about 15 minutes ago. It's actually a collaboration of The Black Keys (a blues band from Ohio) and some R&B and hip hop artists. It seems that each track on the album features some kind of combination of the artists. The above, "Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)" features Mos Def and Jim Jones.
And I've come to the conclusion that Hoochie Coo is the best name ever. Don't fight me, you will lose. And then I'll call you Hoochie Coo.

This is just here because it gets stuck in my head. A lot. And isn't bad, unlike a song from the Jonas Brothers' first album that gets stuck in my head and it's bad, as in they sound just like Hanson circa "Mmmbop" only not as ridiculously awesome, and plus I don't feel comfortable having ~rare~ Jonas Brothers songs in my head just because my sister likes playing/singing it within earshot of me.

I love Lykke Li. What's not to love? Seriously. Here she is performing "I'm Good, I'm Gone" in a bathroom. Using two spoons. Two backup singers, one on guitar.
Oh she also uses the faucet. Talent, she haz it. She also has all the adorable in the world.
Or at least all of the adorable in Sweden.

Once upon a time I was really good at finding/discovering new music. Around '06 to '08. I don't know what happened, maybe I lost my gift. Maybe I'm lazy. Either way I was cool then, I listened to Metro Station which isn't cool now but it was then because Metro Station wasn't famous but they had the same songs, so like when I was 17 I liked "Kelsey" but now that I'm 20 and "Kelsey" plays on the radio, not so much.
All beside the point, the point is this is one of the songs I liked then.

In closing, I think Lillie just found some weed (that's catnip, not actual marijuana, someone thought I gave my cat marijuana once, I don't) and she's now staring into my cup, at my Mountain Dew, very, very intensely.
Aaand she just moved my bottle of nail polish across my desk with her tongue, twice.
Why did God give me such a special cat!?

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Weronika said...

Anything to do with Sweden is cool in my book.