Thursday, March 25, 2010

That time I shared some "knowledge"


★Never say anyting along the lines of "I think guys have a higher pain tolerance than girls do" to a woman in labor.

★Using CAPSLOCK helps with so many issues - rage, annoyance, venting etc.

★It's only cool to wear tacky sweaters on holidays. You aren't ironic otherwise, you just look like a stupid hipster.

★Try to keep from texting a ~guy~ twice in a row (unless it's like one big text) very often.
Especially refrain from sending three, even if a few days go by. It sucks but the ball is in his court now.

★Internet friends are friends too. And no, having e-friends now-a-days isn't like going into an AOL chatroom and becoming buddies with some person called "xsarahpanicx," I mean some of them are but definitely not all the time. If you want to judge then that's fine but I personally have some gorgeous and REAL friends all over the world and yes, I'm sure that they're not creepy old men.


★Chivalry is not dead, if a girl tells you it is then she must not care about values and morals and class, and that's a whole other ballgame.

★It's ok to be a raging 12 year old girl in heat on the inside, just remain cool on the outside and you're ace.

★If someone around you is chewing/eating too loud, cut their throat. The blood will drown out
or prevent any other noise(s).

★I don't know if it's because of Twitter and their 140 word limit but it seems like more and more people are using "your" to mean "you are" instead of using "you're." It's not cool, it also makes you look ignorant. Just sayin'.

★It's ok to write weird, short letters to facebook in your head
"dear facebook,

you make me feel like a natural woman
jk you don't


★Don't use "lol" unless you are actually laughing out loud, or you're being ironic, that's what "hahahhaa" is for.

★Disliking Taylor Swift is never, ever okay.

★Using "u" and "r" and such in texts isn't okay, unless, again, you're being ironic or sarcastic. Those extra letters aren't that big of a deal. Use real words please.

★Cats should have middle names. Also, Whiskers shouldn't be the name of anything except an inanimate object, or actual whiskers.

★There are few things less attractive in a man than passiveness, lack of ambition/goals, and the inability to take the lead and make an effort.

Can I just say that this picture is ACE!?

★When girls say they want Joseph Gordon Levitt's Tom in "500 Days of Summer" they don't mean that creepy kid who's in love with them, no, they mean someone as hot as JGL who is in love with them. The nerdy kid in the movie is not the nerdy kid who grosses you out in real life. There's a diff. Don't think you have a chance just because of that, unless you look like JGL and dress like him too.

★A good way to find out if someone ~likes you~ is to kiss him/her. I haven't personally tried this though. Another way is to just ask, even if you get a BS answer.

★Syncing your Twitter updates to your other sites is only okay if you very rarely update twitter and/or you're like, Taylor Swift.
Otherwise, don't do it. If we wanted to know what you're doing or thinking right now we'd go to your TWITTER.


Liz OT said...

This post actually had me giggling madly. I applaud your wisdom, ma'am.

'It's ok to be a raging 12 year old girl in heat on the inside, just remain cool on the outside and you're ace.'
Especially this.

alanna said...

I actually loled at the note you wrote facebook.

Anonymous said...

but taylor swift isnt cute