Friday, March 26, 2010

That time my pity pot was my bed.

I'm sick.

What I've been doing because of the state I am in:

1. Picking at my severely chapped lips.
2. Staring at my computer with glazed over eyes and my mouth hanging open and repeatedly forgetting why I'm even on the computer (there never is a reason).
3. Perfecting my hand-eye coordination skills (used kleenex thrown into trashcan in middle of room).
4. Rolling a cough drop around in my open mouth, thus making delightful noises when it bangs and rolls along my teeth.
5. Daydreaming about a miracle happening, like in romantic movies and television shows.
6. Watching "Dawson's Creek."
7. Tending to the bitterness inside towards a certain asshole person.
8. Mumbling at Lillie because it hurts too much to talk or yell.
9. Whining inwardly about how I don't deserve this and how I'm sad and lonely and angry and tired and sore and I can't breathe.
10. Watching more "Dawson's Creek" (I have all the seasons on DVD...I can stay in bed for a longgg while).

Basically I'm doing all of these things at once. The glaze-drop look of #2 is kind of my permanent face darling.

...I'm getting back in bed now.

Ps. I'd like to thank everyone who has looked at this blog, who has followed it (I have 11 followers now!), who has checked some of the "feedback" boxes and those of you who have left comments. It means so much to me and I treasure and re-read every single comment and every word of feedback I hear. I'm a total noob and don't know what I'm doing so it's so nice to hear that at least some of what I'm doing makes sense and is perhaps even enjoyable to read.
*picture is from tumblr, credit unknown.


andrea said...

good to know i'm not the only one who watches dawson's creek!

90s teen dramas were ACE

Lillian said...

I am sick as well! However I get to drag these old bones to work seeing as how I work at the lovely kind of job where we are so short staffed that there isn't anyone to replace me.
But the wonderful thing about being sick is that is makes you really really REALLY realize how wonderful you bed is. I have spent several hours this week just thinking of endearing adjectives for my bedsheets. I could write a love letter to my mattress warmer.

Anyway, feel better darling. My secret recipe is to make chickan broth with lots of soy sauce and garlic (I mean it! TONS of garlic) and have about a gallon of that a day plus drink OODLES of liquids and pop a few vitamin C while you're at it.
Get well soon!

Liz OT said...

Hope you feel better soon, love!