Tuesday, March 30, 2010

That time I was an adult, kind of.

So! I'm getting the key to my dorm tomorrow and so far I don't have a roommate (yesss). And it's "fully furnished" but I still need stuff like dishes and towels.
I wish it wasn't fully furnished because I have a LOT of stuff.
So anyways, I finally kind of almost sort of have a reason to put all my "decorating" pictures to use.
Images are from various places but mainly from my now deceased but still bangin' tumblr.

I don't know the proper etiquette...if I don't have a roomate yet wouldn't it be okay for me to decorate the whole place as if it's mine?


Christina said...

you could start with your side, and then if nobody turns up just gradually move into the other side too! You're lucky if you dont get a roommate, its so peaceful and easy when you're alone;)

♥Anjulie said...

ok, wow....

I just found your blog and went through several of your last posts-- I kept wanting to like SO many parts of your posts-- you are awesome! :-)

Keep writing, I will enjoy reading what you have to say about Zooey, relationships, and so much more. :-)